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Please find the updated FORRT Website here where you can find what we are up to these days. Check out the self-assessment learning tool, FORRT’s Manuscript, FORRT’s curated resources, and FORRT Code of Conduct.

FORRT as a pedagogical self-assessment tool

We set out to design a pedagogic assessment framework enabling a nuanced perspective on the degree of open and reproducible research teaching and mentoring.

In the first instance, we aim that teachers use the FORRT assessment to benchmark current teaching and mentoring practices. We have developed a survey to collect this information.

Our framework currently includes six principles core to the teaching of reproducible and open science practices:

Each principle will be evaluated on two dimensions: Breadth and Depth.

Breadth describes how widely teaching is distributed and takes three levels:

Depth describes the degree to which students interact with the core principles and takes four levels:

FORRT enables a contrast between course content as it currently stands and the ideal of teaching open and reproducible research practices as part of core training. Benchmarking the breadth and depth of course content on these principles of open and reproducible research enables course leaders to identify content that is lacking or can be improved. Note that while the highest standards for teaching these principles would be a course required the application of reproducible and open research practices, we acknowledge that this is not always possible. However, since FORTT is a tool intended to evaluate the current teaching practices for a wild variety of departments, its score should be able to convey and reflect low to high adherence to the teaching principles proposed by FORRT.